Dog Friendly Expectations for Suite B - updated February 2019
The renter will bring only the dog described on the Reservation Request form and no other animals.

The renter hereby agrees to comply to the following:

1.  Your dog must comply with the following:

  •  Must be at least 1 year old (puppies like to chew things!).
  •  Must be spayed or neutered.
  •  Must be up-to-date on all necessary  vaccinations. 
2.  Your dog is to be treated with a flea and tick repellent.  Fleas and ticks can cause harmful/fatal illnesses to humans and pets.  This area has been know to a hot spot for ticks.  Both your dog and our home need this protection.

3.  Your dog must be leashed at all times – there is a dog park in Delhi Park, a 15 minute walk from here, and there are two dog friendly beaches at Sandbanks Provincial Park. 

4.  The renter is responsible for cleaning up droppings, leave them in the garbage container at the end of the driveway off of Centre St.

5.  Your dog is not allowed on the bed without a dog blanket, ask us for one if needed.

6.  The renter is responsible for repairs or replacement costs for any damage caused by your dog.

7.  The renter should prevent their dog from any excessive barking that disturbs the neighbours.


8.  If left unattended most dogs should be crated in the suite.